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You can't beat the experience...

Onong Resort Siladen Island

Onong Resort beachfrontDid you ever dream of the "Robinson Crusoe feeling"? Did you ever dream about falling asleep while listening to the murmur of the ocean or waking up with the sea 10 meters away from your front door? In that case Onong Resort on Siladen Island is the right choice for your holiday!

Onong Resort: The Resort

slideshow3 Onong resort has 7 wooden cottages, built in the traditional Minahasa style (from the north of Sulawesi), a white beach and a spacious restaurant. All cottages are designed according to European standards, bathrooms with running freshwater, hot shower, ceiling fan and air conditioning. There are two different levels of cottages in Onong Resort, Standard and Superior, the lasts really large, with two big windows towards our private beach, the sea and Bunaken Marine Park. (One of the Standard Cottages is a family cottage with space for an extra bed for kids and/or friends).

Take the Virtual Tour through Onong Resort and on the House Reef!

Onong Resort: The Diving

Onong Resort is a PADI ResortThe diving is organized by Celebes Divers, located in Mapia Resort & Spa. Onong Resort on Siladen Island has a small diving center facility but because Onong Resort does not have a compressor the full cylinders are provided from Mapia Resort & Spa. The diving from Onong Resort is mainly done around Bunaken Island and around Siladen Island. The Onong Resort House Reef is one of the best dive sites in this area and especially the night dives on the Onong Resort House Reef are beautiful.

Onong Resort: Celebes Divers

Celebes Divers is a PADI diving center with high standards when it comes to safety and quality. 4 Traditional boats, specially built for diving, bring you to the many dive sites in the Bunaken National Park which is considered to be one of the best diving areas in the world. From Onong Resort they organize "Mandarin Dives" a few times per week